Growth happens here.

About me

Hi! I’m Simone Alberto, a computer engineering student @ Politecnico of Turin.
I started my journey with computers at the age of 12 with my first PC that I used to do some hacks with Linux distributions.
I learnt by myself programming in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C and eventually Node.js.
At the end of High School I focused on UX & UI design.
Lately I developed and I’m still doing it, marketing and data analysis skills.
I define myself a #GrowthHacker.

Works and projects

Some of my creations
Civil Engineering Study, infrastructures and transport systems. Twenty years experience in managing complex works and infrastructures projects, on a national and international scale.
The QF s.r.l. is a fruit marketing, preservation and packaging company; boasts more than 70 years of experience in the fruit sector.
Astabees - All smart technologies about bees. A company that produce innovative products to help beekeepers achieve their goals.
The first online luxury shop. You can find the best brands of discounted perfumes and top-quality gourmet products.
The luxury world of homemade chocolate spread.
Your Car Broker! Browse through the window or commission him the car of your dreams.
An Instagram bot to help you grow your profile and get partnerships with brands.
Temporary site for a new Sicilian air company.

Contact me

Via Villafalletto 28, Saluzzo, Italy